10 Dec, 2021

#02: No one gets left behind with John Schonberger

My guest in this episode is John Schonberger, also known to his mates as Schonners. John is an Australian Defence Force Veteran, currently working as a Navy Reservist. John was awarded an Australian Active Service Medal for his contribution in the Iraq war.

In this episode you’ll hear about John’s career in the Australian Navy, his experience whilst on international deployments, including being a part of the first seahawk mission just before the Golf war broke out and how he juggled his family responsibility prior to leaving the country to minimise the impact on his family.

John talks about the importance of veterans staying connected, how he does this as well as how crucial it is for people to brave and ask for help when they need it.

Some of Johns advice from the episode was “always check in on your mates to make sure they’re okay”. One of John’s quotes that resonated with me on a personal level was “no one gets left behind”.