23 Dec, 2021

#03: You’re the driver of your own destiny with Les Gernyi

This episode “You’re the driver of your own destiny” with Les Gernyi is dedicated the amazing paramedics who are like our angels who work so tirelessly to be there for us when we are at our most vulnerable in life.

Christmas is a time of year that we spend time with our loved ones and take the time to reflect on the year that has been and contemplate the year ahead. This episode was recorded in December 2021. 

Les Gernyi is an Australian Defence Force veteran who is currently serving as a NSW Special Operations Paramedic. Les is like many of our first responders, they see their line of work as business as usual and they see themselves as no one special.

Les offers his advice to take that leap of faith, to believe in yourself and that if you really want to do something then “give it a crack” he reminds us that life can be short for some and that we never know what is around the corner, so we should hug those close to us. What a perfect reminder for this time of year.

Les praises his management and leadership within the NSW Ambulance for creating a safe space for them to be vulnerable and talk through their traumatic experiences.

A special call out to the leaders and the amazing paramedics within the NSW ambulance Service, you’re doing your country proud.