22 Apr, 2022

#06 Finding your purpose after service with John Hardgrave

In this episode “Finding your purpose after service” with John Hardgrave, John talks about the importance of upskilling yourself, considering your next steps well before transitioning from service and how to have the right support around you.

John also speaks about the trauma people experience whilst serving in the Australian Defence Force, not excluding that of our first responders. He shares what support mechanisms he used during his career and how differently people process situations. His tools and messages around dealing with trauma are insightful.

During the podcast John reflects on the advice his grandad left ingrained within him – “The last of the great freedoms is to choose your attitude in any given situation”. John’s grandfather served in WWII. Throughout the podcast you will hear John’s positive attitude and how he really lives by his grandfather’s message – that nobody can choose your attitude. Look at everything in a positive light.