28 Jan, 2022

#04 Leap of Faith with Kelly Connolly

How does someone become an inspirational leader who is passionate about people? In this podcast episode, “Leap Of Faith” Inspector Kelly Connolly shares her personal story on why she chose a career in the Australian army from a young age and why she left in the prime of her career transitioning to the Australian Federal Police. 

Working as an Australian Federal Police inspector within the specialist protective command, Kelly talks about her experience as a female leader in a male dominated environment and how she thrives. Kelly’s passion shines through for wanting to assist troops to succeed. By opening up about losing a team member on an international peace keeping mission and a tragic accident that happened during pre-deployment training, she was able to lighten her load.

By Kelly sharing her story, it is a reminder that it takes a significant amount of courage to be vulnerable and speak our truth.