19 Nov, 2021

#01: What’s your next chapter? with Alex Drakopoulos

In my very first episode of “Getting To The Heart Of It” I had the honour of having a chat with Alex Drakopoulos.  

Alex is a Defence Force veteran currently working as a Pathways Officer at Soldier On Australia, the organisation helping  Australian veterans and their families to thrive through support services. In this episode, you’ll learn how Alex is perfect for this position as he’s an open and passionate person. His drive to help himself during difficult times and the coping techniques used on his journey has made a difference to those that have crossed his path. 

Sharing his experiences in the defence force and what led to his decision to leave can hopefully inspire and help guide others. 

So hop in, hold on for the ride while you awaken your own sense of purpose, as you navigate your way through the ups and down of life and seek insight through others experiences. This is where we get to the heart of it.