Federal Government

Torode has access to Federal Government panels and can provide people as required to fill necessary roles.


State and Territory Government

Torode Solutions, along with our tiered industry approach will support our involvement with State and Territory Governments.


Torode Solutions has a three-tier approach to working with industry which includes partnering with small, medium and large companies to ensure an integrated approach to delivering the outcomes required by industry.

Tier 1 – Companies with less than 20 people – Torode partners with a range of companies to develop product lines which will deliver significant benefits to Federal, State, Territory Governments as well as industry.

Tier 2 – SMEs of 21 people or more. Torode partners companies to deliver capability outcomes as required.

Tier 3 – Large companies – Torode is looking to partner with a range of large companies to assist with the provision of contractor support.

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