Who we are


Where we initiated from

Torode Solutions was created in 2021. CEO Sarah Torode-Martin, has performed role’s such as Strategic Advisor and Consultant. Sarah has participated in international capacity building and driven major organisational reform within Federal Department’s such as the Australian Federal Police, Department of Health and the Department of Defence.

Co-founder and General Manager Robert McComas a 21 year Navy veteran and Department of Defence Executive has delivered significant outcomes for Defence in Project Management, procurement, finance and strategic policy. Robert moved on to the private sector where he harnessed his experiences to provide direct value to the client.

What can Torode Solutions do for you?

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Meet Sarah and Rob


Sarah Torode-Martin

Co-founder and CEO

Sarah Torode-Martin’s career spans over 20 years’ working within the Federal Government and the Defence and commonwealth consulting industry.


Robert McComas

Co-founder and General Manager

Robert McComas spent 21 years in the Navy and attained the rank of Warrant Officer.

It was Sarah’s experience within the Australian Federal Police that pushed her beyond her own limitations emotionally and physically. Sarah participated in the Regional Assistance Mission Solomon Islands (RAMSI) with the Australian Federal Police.

Following the international deployment, Sarah re-established the direction of her career going on to experience various other Federal Government Departments and used the extensive experienced she gained over her career to turn her hand to provide consultancy services to the commonwealth and thrived.

Robert loved his job, but after seven great years at sea and his next posting being as one of the new Warrant Officers at sea he decided it was time to take up an opportunity to join the Defence Australian Public Service.

During a 13 year Defence Australian Public Service career Robert was quickly promoted to Director where through five roles he delivered significant outcomes for Defence in procurement, finance and strategic policy. He also engaged significantly across Federal, State and Territory Governments and was instrumental in many Federal Government decisions on critical matters.

At Torode our values are:


Being able to know that the people I work with have my back and I have theirs. It’s trust and being open and transparent.


Being able to work with like-minded people who share knowledge and value others' contributions.


Ensuring that our people are provided support and positions with purpose


Valuing everybody’s input and accepting people’s life stories and how it can be leveraged in support of each other. Providing support to people to allow them to grow. Learning from these discussions.


Achieving above and beyond expectation and delivering results while also maintaining a good work-life balance.


Having that professional maturity to be resilient. Building resilience through effective top to bottom leadership.

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