Torode Solutions launch 19 November


Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to lean in and get to know us a little better.

We’re excited to introduce Torode Solutions to the world and look forward to connecting with you.

We are open for business!
Could you be our next client? Are you looking for a consultancy firm with a difference? Connect with us. We’ll bring our people, the enthusiasm and the expertise.
Let our people talk to your people and together we’ll deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Could you be our next valued employee? Are you looking for a position with purpose? Are you at a crossroads in your career and unsure of the direction you’re heading? Are you someone who wants to make a difference?
Have you heard of Torode Solutions where people are the heart of their business? If so, connect with us and be a part of the Torode Solutions journey.

Are you committed to building sovereign capability? Torode Solutions are interested in hearing from you.
We have built a three-tier approach to working with industry which includes partnering with small, medium and large companies to ensure an integrated approach to delivering outcomes through collaboration.
Imagine, what we could achieve if we worked as a collective.

Getting to the heart of it Podacast
Do you have the courage to share your story? If you are a current or former Australian Defence Force member or first responder then please reach out.

We started a podcast for people to share their stories in the hope to inspire and encourage others. You’ll get to hear raw and real conversations with our hero’s. The inspirational guests open up about their career transitions, personal challenges and what it’s like to serve within the ADF and other emergency services. 

Thanks again, we look forward to connecting with you soon.